To be a P.P. Or not? (People Pleasers)

Today in church my pastor said something that truly resonated on my heart to write about.

People pleasers.

Of course your first thought upon seeing those words should be a kiss up, a doormat, a sucker, a follower and to be honest, you’d be absolutely right. In the right context, a people pleaser is all of those, but with all of those facades they have, it’s only one adjective they can not take up; that’s themselves!

A couple of years ago, I could say that I, Keiva Amari Smith, was a people pleaser. Yes, it’s true I used to want to fit in and I used to want everyone to “like me,” but then I woke up. Actually correction, God woke me up.

On that day, I realized that my life on this Earth is not my last step, it’s either Heaven or Hell, but in my case (Lord I do pray) Heaven. But do you really think that if my only focus is to “please people,” that I will make it straight into Heaven? NO!

Literally, the Bible says to be a servant, but to only do it according to the will of God and not to please people and the flesh (Ephesians 6:5-7).

Now pause Keiva, you’re telling me God says I need to serve people, like be a slave and be exactly what you’re saying not to do in this here paragraph? No, guys that is the exact OPPOSITE of what God and I am saying. He is saying that when you are put in a position to follow and not lead, you are meant to, according to the will of God, to be obedient and to do exactly that, follow. For that is what gets you in Heaven, pleasing people for the goodness of God.

So all those people out there trying to make people like you, WAKE UP! The only person that needs to like you is not even flesh, it’s God. He is the only person that can get you everything you want and need; everything you desire, not people. So why try to kiss up to them, why try to loose yourself for those who in the end don’t determine your future?

Basically what I am saying is, don’t loose sight of your self in God to please those of the flesh.

Yours Truly,


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