Make Our Generations Smart!

Guys as you…. actually, Hey everyone. I’ve come to notice that I’ve never actually started any post by saying Hi… I probably won’t ever again, as bad as it sounds, but at least I’m doing it now!

Anyways, today I have noticed that majority of the people I come into contact with have no idea what Dual Enrollment or Move On When Ready or Early College (gees all these names for one thing) is. I mean they probably don’t care either unless it benefits them or their children, but still you have that other half that actually cares! So I’ve decided to tell the world the best way I can at the moment. M.O.W.R. is a program that allows high school children (not college sadly) to take FREE college classes while still in high school.

Now of course anything free sounds amazeballs, but does it actually benefit you.

Here’s a checklist to see if it does:

Are you a student who….

•Wants that extra G.P.A. Push?
•Wants to be challenged outside of high school?
•Wants to get a true feeling of college beside AP classes?
•Wants to get an extra year or two knocked off of your college life?
•Is very mature and knows or has an idea what they want to do in life?
•Is unsure of how college will be but still wants a little taste of life outside of high school?
If you answer yes to any of those questions, Dual Enrollment is truly where you want to be!

….. but Keiva, how do I get in?

Easy, go to your counselor and ask if your school has a problem called M.O.W.R. If they say yes, ask what are the steps to getting in this program.

If you’re in Georgia, like me, most school have you take the Accuplacer, which is a test that measures your testing abilities and caters the test for you. When you make a high enough score, which I know you will, your school should notify you what classes you can take. The best part about all of this is that you can usually choose where you want to take these classes!! Cool right?? Why miss out on this favorable opportunity when you have all the resources?

I hope this has been very helpful and has made you want to partake in M.O.W.R., but if not it’s still okay. Hey, you could even spread the word! Let’s help our generation and the ones after us get the best education they can!

Yours Truly,


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