Thank You 

There’s a quote that says, “People do more than what is expected because they are appreciated.”

Now I want you to think back on all the times you were shocked because of what someone did for you, that was unexpected. Think of a time when you did something for someone that was not expected. Did it make you feel happy? Loved? Appreciated? Most of all.. did you say thank you? Did they?

You know the common misconception is that you don’t have to say thank you because it’s already known.. but let’s be honest, not everyone knows that. Some people never get a thank you. Some people never say thank you, but what about those people who want to say thank you yet they can’t?

Being thankful doesn’t always have to just be verbal. Being thankful can be shown through your kindness or through your love. Being thankful is just showing someone you appreciate what they do.

So I challenge you, this holiday season, be thankful! Say thank you to those you love and even those you just met, but most of all be thankful for what you have even if it’s only a little.

Take it or leave it,

P.S. Thank you!


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