New Year, NOT So New Me

As we get ready to say goodbye to yet another year, of course the next Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, and maybe even Facebook status we see will see “New Year, New Me.”
If you don’t mind, can I just take a few minutes to explain why this statement can NOT be true for the first half of the year?

Yes?  well thank you.

Here we go…

Numéro Un

                          Not Realistic

9 times out of 10 the only reason a person says “New Year, New Me” is if they are trying to show lots of people who probably don’t care that they are over what something that happened in 2016. The reality of the situation is, you’re not. People who are over something don’t speak about it, like ever. They let it be and move on with their lives. No need to tell the world you don’t care. Instead of saying New Year, New Me say New Year, Same me with a better attitude. Easy fix, now we know that even though whatever happened still bothers you, but you’re willing to put that aside for your own happiness.

Numéro Deux 

                 We aren’t Fake, People

Unless you are one of the many people who had surgery of some sort this year, you are definitely the same person.

(For those that did get surgery, maybe you should say “New Year, New Face” or “New Year, New Knee” or even “New Year, New Eyes”)

Maybe you had an attitude adjustment, or you got a new hair style, that still doesn’t make you a whole new person.

Let me put it to you like this, let’s just say I believe you are a whole “new person.” That would mean your name, cells, skin, and everything else that really can’t change is now a whole new thing. Literally you went to sleep being Bonnie and woke up Clyde. Not possible, wanna know why? Because only people in movies do that and those people are fake, just simple characters.

So you could go on being something you’re not, but even professionals break character sometimes.


Numéro Trois

                         It’s Temporary

As people who live in a constantly change world, it’s known that almost everything is a temporary fix. Pain, Medicine, Tire Changes, License, shoot even the dye you put in your head. Everything has an expiration date, even us. Why waste time saying things or doing things that you know is only for the time being?

How about you say what you mean instead of saying what you think people want to hear. Or do that workout plan all year and in years that follow instead of doing it for 21 days. If you want to change something, change it for rest of your life and not just for now.

Basically, don’t go though the first half of 2017 with old mind sets. Start fresh. Make a vision of how you want your life in 2017 to go.

God says, “Write the vision, make it plain.

Set goals and achieve them throughout the year. Make plans with new friends or even change to a whole new circle of friends.

Just please for the sake of everyone’s timeline, stop saying “New Year, New Me” we all know it’s a lie even if we do like it and comment “same.”

Take it or leave it,

P.S. Happy New Year! I pray that God brings many blessings to you and your household.


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