1st Day of 2nd Semester

         Wow, it came faster than I imagined. My senior year, our senior year. Not too long ago, actually three short years ago, we stepped foot into a big school with a big name. …. Okay maybe not a big name, but we did walk into a school that was bigger than our middle school (I hope). Time flew and here we are, 4 months away from graduation. So what next? 

Have you asked yourself what you want to do next in life or what comes after high school? If not, here’s a few things you can and should look into:

  • A job
  • College
  • Military
  • Internships
  • Travel the world

Now, Keiva why is that list of things so short?

Well, mainly because I honestly could not figure out what this world has to offer other then these five things. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of opportunities in the world for just about everyone to dabble in, but if you don’t apply yourself won’t you miss out?

Maybe it was never brought to your attention but THERE IS A LIFE AFTER HIGH SCHOOL!

Literally, after you leave high school, bills start to pour in, college starts, some of us have babies, and may even get married. So why not figure out what you want to do with your life after this last semester of high school now rather then later?

Go on job interviews, look into college, start saving up for that world travels, but most of all prepare yourself for what is next to come. Basically what I’m trying to say is, save yourself that regret of not making plans and make plans before it’s too late…. 


Yours Truly,


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