To Myself,

Tonight, you witnessed history.

Tonight, you watched the man that gave this nation hope, step down from his duty.

Tonight, you said your last goodbye, well not to him but to the T.V. screen you were watching  it from.

Eight years ago, you sat down with your family to watch the first man of your color be elected in office. Four years ago, you saw him do it again.

Yet, those tears that you shed weren’t the tears of sorrow. No, they were tears of hope. Hope, that tomorrow will be better and brighter because God gave you the opportunity to live in an era to see black in power.

However, the tears you shed today were of sorrow. Sorrow that will last for the next four years.

Now, I don’t know what the next four years are going to be like because I’m living in them now, but I do know it’s my job to keep the faith.

It’s my job to go into these next four years with that same hope I had eight years ago for a better tomorrow.

That same hope that though I can’t see the future, I know it’s bright.

So keep your head up and pray for a greater tomorrow. Pray that each day, for the next four years, you grow along with this nation. Pray that you keep the faith in faithless times.

… But most of all, pray that this nation keeps hope alive, when hope seems so far gone.



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