Catch up Keiva!

Wow guys.. it’s been a little minute since I’ve blogged. I AM SO SORRY! Life has truly been giving me NO time for breaks! Literally I went from state to state, school to school, all on about 3 hours of sleep.

Really, I’ve was so tired for a whole week. However, I finally got the rest I needed to write to you guys! I can honestly say y’all have been on my mind and I have just been itching to blog but just had no time. BUT ANYWAYS! I’m here now!

Now that I am officially back on the press (wordpress joke)
I can tell you all the wonderful things I have been up to.

So here’s a detailed, but brief summary of how life’s been for me since the last time we spoke…..

Starting with day 1, I have been accepted to and I visited Penn State University! I’m so stinking happy. The school was great, atmosphere was amazing, and the people were just straight lovely. The weather however was a little bit down. After that long 13 hour drive there and back, I went straight to college and high school to take 2 math tests! I know ughhh math!! I’m kidding I love math, even if it does get on my nerves. Back on topic, at my high school, I am the president of FCCLA and I have been up to something! I have been typing and typing just to get my chapter ready for competition in February! Lastly, I walked all night yesterday! My Jr. Pastor’s first lady, Lady Jackie, had a Women’s Empowering Purpose Night and I was (and still am) a Purpose Girl. But get this.. it was only 2 of us last night serving 40+ people…. talk about work over load! It was a great event though and the food was amazeballs! I truly had a blast!

Well there you go. I think that is all I have done, besides more personal things, but I am pleased to say I have great new content on the way. So I love you all!! Don’t forget to like & share my blog with ANYONE and I will talk to you in a couple of days!!

Yours Truly,


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