Day 1: Another Acceptance 

Gosh guys… It is crazy how quick I can get sick! Literally, I put that post out and two days later I was sick…… until this morning. Anyways, thank the Lord I’m OK now because if not then… This post would not be going out.
Anyways, guess what! (… well that would be more of a question mark … But you know what it’s whatever let’s leave the exclamation point)

I’ve been accepted to North Carolina A&T, also known as NCAT! How cool is that! I’ve also received a $16,000 scholarship from Penn State and I am OVER. JOYED.

Are you guys excited? The first update and great news is already here! Can I get a “Praise the Lord” and a “Hallelujah”
So… Let’s see what the next update is going to be like… Day 2:… What’s Next?

Yours Truly,


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