Day “2”: Wrong Dates

Guys…. OH EM GE!

I have to change my college decision date..

So, since your girl, Keiva, thought that Harvard’s decision come back on the 1st, the plan was to make my decisiuon the 6th (of March). However, it has just been brought to my attention that I will not be hearing back from Harvard until… late March. Like what? Not even a real date? I mean, I guess they can do that because of how great of a school they are, but still!! Way to get a girl’s hopes up.

Anywho, no harm done, I will still make updates (even though I’ve had none) about anything college. … but yes sad to say.. my decision will be delayed until later in March.. if not early April.

So stay tuned and I will bring you guys the dets!!

Until next time… Day 3:… Dates?

Yours Truly,


2 thoughts on “Day “2”: Wrong Dates

  1. This website is very inspirational. When I see your updates I feel like you actually care and can relate! Please keep up the great work because you are impacting my life greatly!

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