I asked, you answered!

So…. as you can see from the lack of posting, I had “writer’s block.” Let’s just be honest I was being lazy and the devil just took it and ran, but that’s over now so whatever.

Anywho, I asked on all my Social Media (links are at the bottom of page and in IG bio) for suggestions on what to talk about and I was given quite a few. Truly more than I expected, which is why I love you all! Therefore, I’ve decided to combine all of the suggestions, minus maybe 2, into a “Q&A” kinda post. Basically, this is a normal post, but it’s just in more of a question format. Now that that’s out of the way… onward and upward to today’s post.

1.) The “High School Experience”

Well, in one word, it’s complicated. You’ll have your great days, then out of literally nowhere, you’ll have your awful days. Trust me high school is no joke. It is truly the transition from teenager still playing with boogers to young adult ready to take on a small snippet of the world A.K.A. college. Honestly, I’m not gonna sit here and lie to you saying, ” oh high school is so fun and you do whatever you want..” no. High school is hard work. Teachers care less, test get harder, and friends start falling. You truly get a little taste of heartbreak and love at the same time. However, though there are quite a few bad days, you do experience really good days. You find out who you truly are and you gain hopefully life long friends, but the best part of all is the mentality. In high school, everyone (most) wants to, so being babied by teachers is a no-go. Everyone is pushed to their fullest, it’s just up to you to try your hardest. The best advice I can give is no matter what stay true to yourself and never forget why you’re doing it.

2.) Graduation, What’s next, and expectations?

For those who are in C/O 17…. we have almost made it. Graduation is literally right around the corner. This is truly going to be 2 of the best days of my life. It has been a long road, but the journey has been worth it. For me, after graduation, I plan to attend……. HA! I’m not telling yet, but at that school I will be majoring in Civil Engineering then going to get my PhD. Yeah I said it, I’m gonna be a doctor. Aside from school, I plan to continue my journey with God and finding his calling over my life. Any expectation? Well honestly, I expect to see a lot of new people of all nationalities. I expect to see a lot of parties and maybe even attend 1 or 2. Yet, most of all, I expect these next 4+ years of my life to be one of the best. I’m truly excited to meet everyone, EVERYONE (you too haters lol).

I hope I answered most, if not all, questions you guys have for me. If not, please feel free to comment a questions, maybe it’ll be on the next “Q&A” blog post. As always I love you all, so stay blessed and eat a good breakfast.

Yours Truly,



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