Est. October 7, 1998

Well… here we go,

First and foremost thank you for visiting my blog, of course that means we have to be friends now. All jokes aside here’s just a quick (probably not) preview into the life I call mine.

Let’s begin, my name is Keiva Amari Smith; 5, 5, & 5. Quick, simple, and easy (thanks mom). From the very original title above, you probably already know my age, but just incase, I’m 18 (for now). Yes, I’m young, but full of life and ambition, just as you. I’m what you would call, an open book. Anything you want to know, just ask. To say the least I’m very outgoing and I love to smile, while of course making others smile too. I am a God loving and fearing, family girl, who has 2 sisters, 1 brother, and a dad & mom. Yep, you read right, it is 6 of us. Oh, not to forget I have a Yorkie-poo named Lola. As odd as this may be, I love turtles and I don’t have a favorite movie, but enough about who I am. Let’s talk about why we are here.

On November 22, 2016, I got this bizarre idea to make a blog. So, here we are. Of course it’s not that simple, I’m really here to give a little spice to your internet browser. With this blog, I hope to reach people around my age, both female and male, to give them a little hope that not everything now-a-days is artificial. Topics from school all the way to my walk with God will be posted here just to help.

In hindsight, the reason for this long “bio” is to just say, Hi, we’re human. We all make mistakes and need help along the way. Therefore, I’m more than happy to help.

I hope you can follow me with both laughter and tears on my journey, but most of all I hope you are blessed from what little ole me has to say.

So kick back, relax, and stick around for a few. This is my life and I open it up to you (heehee rhyming game on point)

Yours Truly,